We could give you so many reasons to join the colourful cast here at Host. But we’re all busy people. So we’ll just give you a few.

Host Sabbatical

We reckon the more inspiring stuff you cram in, the more inspiring work you spit out. And we’re all about inspiring work. Which is why, after three years at Host, you get three weeks paid leave and two grand in your pocket to go pursue an epic, life long ambition. Hosties have undertaken everything from marathons in Marathon to boxing in Brooklyn to knife whittling in Virginia.

The Culture Council

We want you to look forward to coming to work every single day, which is why we have a democratically elected team of people from across the agency, responsible for dialing up the office fun in a hundred different ways. They’re the best there is at making work not feel like work.

The Host Toast

We like to think every Hostie is a hero. But occasionally, we like to reward those who transcend heroism and become full-blown legends.
The Host Toast is a quarterly award for outstanding contributions to the agency. The proud recipient gets $500 and a day off to do something that’ll make everyone else back in the office incredibly jealous.

The Butt Street Bake Off

We like to do our bit for charity. After all, there are some pretty serious causes that need every bit of help they can get. But even when it’s not all fun and games, we like to make things all fun and games. Which is why we’ve turned our fundraising into the fiercest, most cut-throat bake off in Australia. The cakes may be sweet, but the competition certainly isn’t.

Pens Down Friday

Sort of self-explanatory, right? Sure, no one really uses pens these days, but Mouse, Tablet and Keyboard Down Fridays doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well. On the last Friday of each month, we call it quits a little early to go somewhere new, and bond in that proudly Australian way. With alcohol.

Fight Club

The world is full of amazing people if you go out and find them. Fight Club is our way of making sure we do by sending our people out to gather intel or bringing leading innovators, incredible technologists, and brilliant trailblazers to you, exercising your brain and opening your mind to all the incredible possibilities that surround us.


We’re always looking for stand out talent. If you’re keen to join the Host family send us your details below.

If you’re keen to join the Host family send us your details below.