Greetings from SxSWi.

Host’s Social Media Manager, Candice Juniper, is currently in Austin Texas for SxSWi – the digital component of a huge annual festival which revolves around uncovering new talent and ideas.

Here’s what she had to say on arrival:

Over the next 5 days I’ll be attending some of the 500+ talks and panels from the digital industries top brainiacs and nerds.

One of the interesting thing about SxSwi, and something that keeps it so relevant to our industry is that most of the talks and panels are actually selected by the attendees themselves. Speakers must pitch their ideas to the digital community and are allocated a spot in the packed schedule based on how many votes they attract. The need to attract votes, leads to ever increasingly weird titles for these talks. Titles such as:

Bordering incest
Your meetings suck, and its your fault
Hate Gone Viral.
Group Chat App Attack!!

Check out this invaluable guide on how to best approach the festival.

Winning in digital.

We’re happy to report we topped the charts in the Digital Category at this year’s AWARD Awards with 4 Pencils for four different campaigns. Winning work included Tourism WA’s Extraordinary Taxi Ride, Cure The Bullies for School Aid and the Vodafone Foundation, The Coke Machine Fairy and our own little project, Fantasy Cheaters League.

Robot takes on a Piñata. (Robot wins).

After 11 days and 17,822 beatings our oversized piñata has finally burst open!

This, our latest digital campaign for Vodafone, saw members of the Vodafone Facebook community beating the stuffing out of the piñata by controlling the robot via an app.

And today, it all came to an end with over 800 people queuing to have a go when it finally burst open. If you missed out on seeing the campaign live, you can view a video with some of the highlights here.

Bullies get the boot.

Host has developed a campaign for the Vodafone Foundation and School Aid called Cure The Bullies.

Cyber bullying has been a hot topic throughout the noughties, with the availability of social technologies making it really easy for kids to engage in bullying behaviour without coming face to face with their victims.

The campaign personifies cyber bullying behaviours as nasty, highly contagious viruses that lurk in cyberspace. Kids can log on at, take a quiz to diagnose whether they’ve been infected, then extract and pickle their strain of bullying.

Head over and diagnose your bully at

A $20,000 fare worth every cent.

Even though the meter’s stopped ticking, we’re still smashing our campaign targets with the Extraordinary Taxi Ride. We’ve reached 98 million people globally, generated $13 of tourism revenue for every $1 spent and started to reposition the state with our target audience who are now more likely to believe that WA truly is an extraordinary place.

Have a look at some of the amazing video from the trip below.

Play ‘Karijini’ cinema spot
Play ‘Lake Ballard’ cinema spot
Play ‘Ningaloo Reef’ cinema spot

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